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This website contains much useful information on the village, but it has become a little tired and is in need of some tender loving care.

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What they said about Balfron

One of the principal attractions of a holiday resort
are its walks and its opportunities for getting off the
beaten track — the hard high road. Of these Balfron
can boast of not a few. In fact there are not many
country villages where one's choice is so rich,
varied, and unrestrained. 
Balfron, 1902

Balfron is a good centre in which to spend a holiday.
The natives art' hospitable and kind, accommodation
can be had at moderate rates, children have ample
scope, the banks of the Endrick forming a never fail-
ing attraction, while the cyclist has an endless variety
of roads leading to places of interest at an easy
distance.      Balfron, 1902

Few villages are so pleasantly situated, and fewer have so lovely a series of prospects. A traveller was viewing with satisfaction his own countryside, and happening to say, "I have been round the world, and yet I have never seen any place equal to L .. " "Ah!" was the quick rejoinder, "you have never seen Balfron. " 
Balfron, 1902

Welcome to the Balfron website.

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If you have a contribution that you would like to make, please get in touch. In particular, share details of your upcoming events so we can help promote your activity.

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This website is being provided as a service to the village and parish. It aims to supplement other community sites, not replace them. This version replaced an interactive format which became redundant as more and more users moved to Facebook to share their news and opinions.

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