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Balfron   700 years old   Glasgow visitors
The village name “bail’-a-bhroin”, Balfron, means the town of mourning.   The first documentary reference to Balfron – one of the charters of the Abbey of Inchaffray – in 1303 alludes to the village as Buthbren and only later as Balfron. More…   The village was once a popular tourist resort where people came to spend their ‘fresh-air fortnight’
Famous resident   All lit up   Logarithms
The architect Alexander (Greek) Thomson was a native of Balfron.   The village claims to be Scotland’s first gaslit town.   John Napier, the inventor of logarithms, was born here in Balfron in 1550.
Star Wars   Abduction   Balfron coins and notes
The residents of Balfron, share their village name with a well-known Star Wars planet. The fictional Balfron is an unwelcoming place inhabited by cave-dwelling folk and is also where Lando Calrissian met up with twin con artists, the Tonnika sisters after he met them at the High Stakes Casino.   In the year 1750 Rob Roy‘s son carried off Jean Kay, then a widow and heiress of Edinbellie, and Rob Oig, the youngest, who had married her, was hanged in Edinburgh three years afterwards on account of her abduction.   There was a time when Balfron issued its own currency.  Click here for the story.

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