1986 employment survey

In 1986 the BBC launched an ambitious project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations. A million volunteers took part.

The project included a brief review of employment in Balfron.

The survey we carried out on about one third of the households in Balfron showed that 40% of the working adults worked locally, while 60% commuted to Glasgow or Stirling.

The largest employer in the area is the High School, with 85 people employed there, 46% of whom live in Balfron area. The bus garage employs 28 drivers and 9 others while about 40 people work in shops and 18 work in the bank. Tradesmen, those in service industries, farm workers and estate workers make up the remainder of those employed in the district. Fortunately the high rate of unemployment found in urban areas is not found in our rural area. There is an increasing number of retired people living in Balfron now.

Most of the young people take up employment outside the area when they leave school.