John McLintock Trust

In October 1917, John McLintock wrote to Rev George Turner, Minister of the United Free Church of Balfron at that time, outlining his plans for the continuance of his mother’s charitable work in the parish.

Mrs Turner had been in the habit of distributing groceries to ‘necessitous persons in Balfron Parish and District’.  The John McLintock Trust (JMT) was established to continue this charitable giving.

In 2003, the Trust had around £1,000 of its own funds to distribute each year.  At that time, the Church added another £500 from its funds.  It became the custom to distribute coal instead of groceries, and then, with fewer coal fires, this was replaced by electricity vouchers.  However, with so many receiving their electrical supply from different companies, payment was made in cash that year.

Life has moved on since 1917, and the situation with regard to welfare is now very different.  The Trust had in 2003 a beneficiary list of around 50 people, who each receive £30.  This left nothing for those who could benefit from a more substantial sum that would make a real difference in time of difficulty.

Public Notice November 2014

Following a review by the Trustees of the John McLintock Trust, the arrangements outlined below have been agreed for the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the Trust.

In recent years, all available funds have been expended in making small annual payments to individuals. The trustees wish to ensure that assistance can be made at other times of the year. They have therefore reviewed the levels of giving to ensure that funds are available so that ‘in exceptional cases assistance from the Fund may be given to necessitous persons…at other times’, while maintaining annual payments to a small number ‘of necessitous persons in Balfron Parish and District’.

The trustees are committed to ensure the confidentiality of the business it conduct. The Trustees are the Kirk Session and three members of the Congregational Board. A small sub group decides the allocation of payments.

Recommendations for financial support should be made to the Administrator Ian McVean, Helenslea, Buchanan Street, Balfron, Glasgow G63 0TW. or the Minister the Rev Sigrid Marten. Details can also be passed in a sealed envelope marked John McLintock Trust to members of the Kirk Session.

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