Ecumenical Advent Service

An Advent service with the theme of ‘Hope’ will take place at St. Anthony’s on Sunday 3rd December at 5pm. All are welcome.

Participation will include members and leaders from St Anthony’s Church, Balfron Church, Strathendrick Baptists and St Marys Scottish Episcopal Church in Aberfoyle.

Refreshments will be served after the service

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Balfron Church bell

I have received an enquiry about Balfron’s church bells.

Not perhaps of immediate interest to most, but my interest was aroused when I read that one was apparently cast in 1791, and the other in 1888.

The earlier (small) bell was cast by “John Wilfone & Co” of 73 Trongate, Glasgow.  The 43 inch bell was supplied by the Gorbals Brass and Bell Foundry in 1888. It was presented by Rev Alexander Slessor, who was minister here 1878-1904, and inscribed ‘Voco, Venite in Domini Temphum’.

I am told that, at one time, an upturned bell was used as a baptism font.

Any campanologists out there who might know something about our church bells?

A old photograph of the Clachan Oak describes it as the ‘bell tree’, but another indicates the tree was just inside the gates.