Listed Buildings in Balfron

The following are listed buildings/structures in and around Balfron:

  • Banker’s Brae, the Pirn Inn, Grade C(S), 1 Banker’s Brae, Balfron, Stirling
  • Buchanan Street, Milepost at 92 Buchanan Street, Grade C(S), 92 A875, Balfron, Stirling
  • Dunmore Street, Mansefield, Grade B, Dunmore Street, Balfron, Stirling
  • Printers Row, Endrick Cottage, Grade B,  2 Printers Row, Stirling
  • The Clachan, Balfron Church (church of Scotland), Including Gatepiers and Boundary Wall, Grade B, 2 A875, Stirling
  • The Clachan, Clachan House, Grade C(S), A875, Stirling
  • The Clachan, Drinking Fountain, Grade C(S), A875, Balfron, Stirling
  • The Clachan, Orchardfield House, Including Gatepiers and Boundary Wall to North and West, Grade B, A875, Balfron, Stirling
  • Ballindalloch, South Lodge, Printers’ Row, Including Gateway to West and Boundary Wall and Gatepost, Grade C(S), Printers Row, Stirling
  • Ballindalloch, Nos 1 and 2 Old Stables and Ballindalloch Cottage, Grade C(S), Balfron, Stirling
  • Ballindalloch, Sundial to South of Ballindalloch, Grade B, Balfron, Stirling
  • Ballindalloch, Walled Garden to West of Ballindalloch, Grade C(S), Balfron, Stirling
  • Edinbellie, Former United Presbyterian Church (barn), Grade B, Balfron, Stirling
  • Endrick Bridge (over Endrick Water) to South of Printers Row, Grade C(S), Printers Row, Stirling
  • Gaisland Farm, Farmhouse and Attached Outhouses, Grade B, A811, Stirling
  • Graystone, Grade C(S), Balfron, Stirling
  • Kepculloch Road, Milepost to North of Tombrake Farm at Ns 5469 9032, Grade C(S), A875, Stirling
  • Mains of Glinn, Grade B, Buchlyvie, Stirling
  • Station Road, 1-4 (inclusive Nos) the Old Manse, Grade B, 28 Station Road, Stirling
  • Station Road, Walled Garden to North of 1-4 the Old Manse, Grade C(S), 28 Station Road, Stirling
  • To South East of Graystone, Bridge over Endrick Water, Grade C(S), Balfron, Stirling
  • To South West of Balafark, Bridge over Lernock Burn at Ns 6102 8999, Grade C(S), B822, Stirling


I would welcome photographs of all of these.