Balfron South Church

South Church
Balfron South Church, c 1905

The South Church, in Spinner Street, was converted into residential accommodation. 

The story of its turbulent beginnings is told in a pamphlet, Balfron Church 1303-2003, by Alexander Primrose. It closed when the last minister, Rev. William Dunbar Allan, retired in 1967.

The South Church was built during Rev. James Lindsay’s ministry, (1871-abt 1909) at a cost of £2,300 and was opened on 7th May 1882. Because of his wise, statesman-like ways, he was known as the ‘Father of the church’.  He was followed by Rev. George Turner MA, who married 9 Sep 1944 Janet McNaught, daughter of John McLintock of Balfron.

The church was linked on 30th June 1959 with Fintry.  This linking arrangement terminated on 11th July 1967 to permit the union on the same date with Balfron North under the name of Balfron. Services continued til December 1968 in the South Church under the new minister of Balfron Church, Rev. John Jamieson, whilst an extensive programme of renovation and redecoration took place. The pipe organ was removed to ‘the North Church‘.

The South Church continued in use as a hall for church activities. It was also used by organisations such as the Mothers and Toddlers Group until it was sold in 1991. 

The funds raised from the sale were allocated to the building of the Church Rooms attached to Balfron Church

Note: ‘The ground within the boundaries [of this sketch]…was a sub feu belonging to the managers &c of the UP Church, Balfron up till the 29th March 1859 when the said managers entered into a negotiation with M Robertson Esqr, banker, Balfron, and made an excamb of all the ground except twenty two falls and thirty four ells, scotch measure, being little more than the site of the church, which is marked with a thorn hedge from Laigh Cotton Street, to the foot road leading to Hill-head or Banachs.’

Balfron South Church, December 2009