Balfron on Wikipedia – Wolves Vs Vikings

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Whether it was wolves that stole the Balfron children, or as a result of an attack by Vikings, has been an open question for as long as I can remember.

The passage: Modern historians believe that an attack by Vikings was more likely, as they did steal children. Haakon’s Saga and Exchequer Rolls of the time give evidence of a Norse invasion as far as Stirling Castle through the Endrick Valley in 1263 – the same year as the Battle of Largs. has been deleted from the Wikipedia entry for Balfron.

This has resulted in some interesting discussion around the ‘village of mourning’ etymology and whether or not Vikings ever visited the village.

Every Wikipedia article has a ‘Talk’ page where contributors discuss the entry. More on this discussion is on the Balfron Talk page.

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