Walks – in 1902

An extract from: “Buchanan’s popular illustrated guide to Strathendrick, Aberfoyle and district”


Moor Road
The Endrick: ‘Up the Dam’

One of the principal attractions of a holiday resort are its walks and its opportunities for getting off the beaten track — the hard high road. Of these Balfron can boast of not a few. In fact there are not many country villages where one’s choice is so rich, varied, and unrestrained. The finer beauties of the land are only to be found in such quiet nooks and lonely places that patience, time, and familiarity are required to discover and fully appreciate them.

Endless enjoyment may be found in wandering by the lovely banks of the Endrick, or angling in its limpid waters, tempting the tempting, wiling the wily trout, following those pleasant paths that lead by fragrant hedgerows and into romantic glens ; or keeping by the high road (on foot or wheel), to view from one or other of these points of vantage, easily accessible, the grand array of northern mountains and silver expanse of the Queen of Scottish Lakes ; or climbing the hills, where the whole beautiful Strath and wide expanse beyond may be seen spread out like a huge map at one’s feet.

List of walks

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